You’re exhausted. You feel like you work non-stop. It’s hard to keep your life together.

You can’t live like that forever, so what’s going to change? And what are you waiting for? Learn how to make change a reality in your life and to start taking some real steps to letting God in and making things better.

Here’s my blog post in response to their blog post! Don’t you just love the internet?

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Printable Resources 

Below find some posters to print out and a file for tickets you can use.

Just add the church’s name and date and time of the event in marker.

Just add the church’s name and date and time of the event in marker.

Facebook Cards

Leading up to your event, share one card every week on Facebook, and encourage others on your planning committee to do the same. They’re a great way to build momentum, and remind people of the event. Just post the time and date, add a few words, and then attach these pictures. The cards make it easy!

Promotion Materials

Make sure you alert your Christian radio stations, newspapers, and other local media about Girl Talk. Here are some ways to make it easier:

Download this press release and customize it by adding the date, time, church name, and city wherever you see the ***. Then send it to radio stations and newspapers in your area–especially the free newspapers.

Most radio stations run public service announcements where they talk about upcoming events–for free! Here are some sample announcements you can send in to Christian radio stations, secular radio stations, and local newspapers with an “upcoming events” section.