Hi, I’m Sheila, and I can’t stand Christian pat answers.

I believe Jesus when he said “By their fruit you will recognize them.” As a result, I am all about healthy, evidence-based, biblical advice for your marriage and sex life. Since 2003, I’ve been writing, blogging and speaking. Here’s a snapshot of who I am:

Public Speaker

I speak at women’s events, women’s conferences, church outreaches, marriage conferences internationally.


My 2021 best-selling book The Great Sex Rescue has upended the Christian marriage industry by asking, “What if the typical Christian advice is actually making things worse?”


I blog everyday at To Love, Honor, and Vacuum, one of the largest marriage blogs in North America, where I challenge pat Christian answers through original research of over 32,500 participants to date. 

Podcast Host

I host the Bare Marriage podcast, which gained over a million downloads in its first three years.


I send out newsletters to a list of over 45,000 people to equip Christians to be able to separate toxic teachings from life-giving guidance.

Wife and Mom

Family is the fuel for my ministry. I’ve been married for over 30 years, and we have a family of two grown girls, one baby boy in heaven, two wonderful son-in-laws, and now two adorable grandchildren.

Newsletter Subscribers

Blog Posts

Books Written

Speaking Events

What are people saying about Sheila?

Sheila’s wit, humor, personal life experiences and Biblical perspective ministered to our multi-generational crowd of women and left us laughing and weeping at the feet of Jesus. God has gifted her with the ability to relate His Word in a way that’s easy to apply to how we live today. She gets down to the level where women really live.
Laurie Shaffer

Director, Michigan Missionary Church Women, Summer 2010, Michigan Missionary Church

What makes me excited about listening to Sheila Wray Gregoire can be best described in the following words: real, vulnerable, passionate, committed, and yes, very funny. The question is not should you book Sheila but when, and now has been the answer for me for quite some time.

Eric Spath

Manger of Speakers & Events, World Vision Canada, Director of Girls Night Out events

“Wonderful talk!”
“Really practical!”
“I wish we had more time!”

Various Comments

Muskoka Baptist Conference “To Love, Honor and Vacuum” Workshop

Just wanted to thank you again for speaking at our GNO. Everyone left so happy and inspired. One lady dropped around the house the other day to pay for our Chick Flick Night Dinner and a Movie and she said when she arrived home she felt so high her husband had to sit up and take notice. He said ” what happened to you” She said “I had the most wonderful evening.” So thank you!


After Girls Night Out Event, Mississauga

“Well-versed and inspiring.”
“She explains things well so you can relate and understand them.”
“She laughs easily. Lovely charm!”
“Vivacious and Biblically gifted speaker and teacher.”

Various Comments

Women at the Well “Extreme Makeover” Conference, Fall 2009

“Very enlightening.”
“I came away with lots to think about–very practical!”

Various Comments

Hebron Christian Reformed Church Women’s Retreat, “Redeeming the Time”

I just want to say thank you so much for coming out and speaking to the MOPS Moms group. I got such great feedback from the moms – there were lots of e-mails and phone calls about how we can support each others to be the best parent we can be – we meet this week and they want to discuss what they have learned and how they can put it into practice. Again, thanks and blessings!


Leader of Mississauga MOPS Group, Michigan Missionary Church

Straight-shooting advice

Have you ever found that a lot of the church’s answers for really big problems tend to be, well, a little trite?

Sheila’s not afraid to tackle them–and she brings research to the table!

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Speaking FAQs

What types of events does Sheila speak at?

Sheila has spoken at many different types of events.

Generally she delivers the keynote address at conferences, or speaks at retreats. She also speaks at outreach events, evening events at churches, and workshops.

Generally Sheila speaks to Christian women, but she has also given addresses at Rotary Clubs, Sorority Clubs, and parenting groups. She also speaks frequently to homeschooling organizations.

Together with her husband Keith, she also teaches at marriage conferences.

Does Sheila speak at US and international events?
Sheila speaks extensively across all of North America, and welcomes all speaking requests.

The only limiting factor is the travel costs. If venues are willing to pay for Sheila’s travel, she’s certainly eager to consider the events.

What are Sheila's fees?
Sheila’s fees are set depending upon the type of event and the distance she has to travel. If you would like to know specifics, you can fill out her booking form or email Sheila’s booking agent and someone will get back to you so that you can discuss fees. Her fees are set taking into account the amount of preparation that goes into each event, the amount of time away from her family, and the time spent at the event.
Are there other expenses involved?
We ask that the event committee cover:

– All of Sheila’s travel expenses

– Including mileage at 50 cents a km, or airfare where applicable.

– Because Sheila lives two hours from an airport, mileage and parking will have to be charged on top of airfare.

– When an overnight stay is necessary, we ask for Sheila’s meals and hotels to be reimbursed.

Which airport does Sheila fly out of?
When traveling within Canada, Sheila flies out of Pearson airport in Toronto.

If traveling in the United States, Sheila is happy to fly out of the Syracuse, New York airport if this saves on airfare.

Can we know Sheila's other expenses before the events?
When Sheila books an event, she will send you a letter of understanding which will include her anticipated expenses, including mileage, meals and hotels.

If a speaking event requires Sheila to leave the house before 7:00 a.m. in order to arrive at the venue, Sheila will request a hotel for the evening before so she won’t be too tired at the event.

Because of traffic, this means that events in the Toronto or Ottawa area must start after 10:30 a.m. in order for Sheila to not need a hotel the night before, and a flight must leave after 11:00 a.m.

We're a small church and we can't really afford Sheila's fees. Do you have any suggestions?

If you want to host an event and have her come to speak, one idea is to band together with the churches in your area and put on an event together. Sheila’s Girl Talk presentation has gone over very well in the communities where she has held it, and churches who invite others from outside the church often find a higher attendance than with most women’s events.

Sheila and her husband Keith periodically go on tours in their RV, so if you are a smaller congregation who wants to host an event for a lower price and are willing to do so when it is conducive with Sheila’s tour schedule, email Tammy to be added to a list. 

Additionally, Sheila loves Zoom events! If you want to host a budget-friendly online event for your church or women’s group, let us know.


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