Fixed It for You Volume 1

Take 30 of Sheila’s famous Fixed It for Yous, “fixing” terrible things that popular evangelical leaders have said, and use them as discussion starters with friends, your spouse, or even your small group!

This first volume focuses on fixing toxic evangelical teachings on masculinity, femininity, marriage, responsibility, boundaries–and, of course, sex!


Get ready to "fix" toxic teachings, and find Jesus again!

This first volume in our Fixed It for You series helps you learn how to spot tricky teachings, and then rescue and reframe them to become something healthy.

Featuring 20 of Sheila's most popular "Fixed It for You"s on sex, marriage, masculinity, femininity, responsibility, and boundaries, plus 10 all-new ones, you'll find discussion questions, red flag prompts, and more to help drive healthy messages home.

In this book, you'll fix:

  • Emerson Eggerichs
  • Steve Arterburn
  • John MacArthur
  • John Piper
  • Gary Thomas
  • Shaunti Feldhahn
  • and so many more--including me! That's right! I even fixed myself.

Talk through one a night with your spouse--and have the most awesome discussions.

Talk through several on coffee dates with a friend.

Use it for 6-week small group curriculum.

Or even let this workbook help you process all the new things you're learning about what's healthy--and how to recognize what's not.

You'll receive two .pdfs--one that's perfect for desktop, iPads and tablets, and one that you can keep handy on your phone to pull up whenever it's needed!

(Note, these are one-time downloads, not intended for copy and redistribution)

So let's get to fixing! Because faith shouldn't have to be this hard.

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