Great Sex Rescue Toolkit

A Pay-What-You-Can Product!

This Toolkit includes: 

  • The New Wineskins webinar and handout
  • 5 detailed handouts on the effects of common evangelical teachings
  • A checklist for pastors/church leaders who are teaching about sex
  • Step-by-step guide for sharing this information with pastors, teachers, or friends.
  • And more!

This is a pay-what-you-can product, to ensure that cost is not a barrier to spreading this message. We have invested a good amount of money into this webinar, so if you’d like to help us cover our costs, and give us a cushion so we can create more resources like this, then please be generous as you purchase this! But if you just don’t have the funds, we still want you to have the materials. Just pay what you can, and together we can get this in the hands of the most people possible.


It’s the Cheat Sheet of our findings–everything you need to know to understand what’s toxic and what’s not–so you can share with others!

If you’ve been following Bare Marriage for a while, you know that we have surveyed over 32,000 people to find out how so many messages about sex and marriage in evangelical circles actually cause harm.

And once you see it, you can’t unsee it!

But what if those around you can’t see? What if you desperately want others to understand how freeing our findings are, but you can’t figure out what to say?

I’ve got you covered!

In this easy-to-reference toolkit, you’ll find everything you need to brush up on our findings, and you’ll find talking points as you try to spread the message to your pastor, your church friends, your small group leader–even your spouse!

To make things easy, you’ll find:

  • A video of me explaining all the big picture findings that you can watch with your pastor, your friends–anyone who is willing to listen! Or, if you’re a church leader yourself, you can share this video with your team to educate them on how to talk about sex in a healthy way.
  • Help to understand why people often won’t listen and don’t seem to want to know the truth–with a video on how to overcome frequent roadblocks
  • Plus we’ve got some beautifully designed hand-outs that do the work for you!

We’ve got a carefully designed hand-out summarizing the harm for each and every toxic teaching we measured–and more!

With every hand-out, we give people alternatives–”instead of saying THIS, say THIS.” We give action steps so that we can move forward. 

So if you’re wondering: 

  • Where to start to influence your church?
  • What to do when people push back?
  • When to leave it, and when to keep talking?

This toolkit will help!

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