To be honest–that’s completely up to you! Some churches have gone all out and put a bed on the stage, and some have done nothing at all. The good news is that we usually travel with a large banner that’s 8 feet x 10 feet–and has two extra panels that are optional. So if you do nothing, we can use the banner to “hide” the musical instruments that may be on the stage and still give the evening a special feel.

Here are some pictures for inspiration:

Stage with Lots of Decorations

Willmar, Minnesota–they copied the book cover for The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex!

In Niverville, Manitoba, they used a blow up bed and attempted to match the colours to the Girl Talk theme.

In Rockfish, North Carolina, they used another blow-up bed–but went for a black and white theme that they continued into the food tables.

St. Clair, Missouri rented a high school auditorium for the event, and placed a blow up bed off to the side of the stage. It worked great!

Glendale, Arizona set up their stage with dry ice and a blow up bed–complete with lingerie hanging all over the stage, and rose petals on the ground.

Some of the lingerie in Glendale!


Don’t want to put a bed on the stage? Or maybe you don’t have room for one? No problem at all! Here’s some more inspiration of smaller elements that different churches have used to give it a “lovey” and fun feeling.

Kenner, Louisiana set this up in the middle of the stairs going on to the stage to give some “ambience.”

Lafayette, Louisiana used these antique chairs as their focal point.

Seminole, Texas had a very small stage in a room that was crammed with 350 women. They conserved space on the stage with this small decoration to the side, and lights hanging down from the ceiling.


If the decoration is overwhelming, don’t worry! Many churches opt to forego decorating and just use our backdrop. No one knows the difference, and it works fine as well.

In Tacoma, Washington, they had over 400 people and a large stage. The banner with the two sides worked wonderfully and made the evening much less work for the hosts.

Childress, Texas had a very small stage, so we set up the banner off to the side to still give me room to walk around. It made the church feel different enough from Sunday that it was definitely an event!

Austin, Texas had a multi-level stage, and used the banner on one of the lower levels to disguise all the music instruments set up behind.


Again, you can go as elaborate or as simple as you want. The pictures below are meant for inspiration or to help you brainstorm, but don’t feel pressure to do anything huge. It’s entirely up to you–and the size and willingness of your team.

We hope that gives you some inspiration!

We’ve done Girl Talk with elaborate desserts and snacks and with simple veggies and dip and store bought brownies. We’ve had stages elaborately decorated and some with nothing at all. But the evenings are all wonderful because it’s the excitement of the women that brings energy to the room.

Do what you have the ability to do, and don’t feel as if you need to reach for the moon. Be in your comfort zone as a church, and we’ll do our best to make the evening a success!