Girl Talk with Sheila Wray Gregoire Straight Talk on Marriage, Intimacy... ...and SEX!

Would you like a unique women’s event that will strengthen the marriages in your church, make your women laugh, but also serve as an effective outreach tool?

You need Girl Talk, Sheila Wray Gregoire’s signature event providing Straight Talk on Marriage and Intimacy, with a lot of humor thrown in.

An event with a track record of having better than average attendance for churches, women will flock to hear the message about why God designed sex the way He did–and how we can make it great in marriage physically, emotionally, AND spiritually.

Sheila is the author of seven books, including The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex and 31 Days to Great Sex. She’s been called the “Christian Dr. Ruth”. And she has a passion to see marriages thrive, reflecting real intimacy, not the pseudo-intimacy our culture tries to sell us.

Read on to see how she can help your church!

Lisa Poverud

Sheila brought a new outlook on sex that we have never heard before. She was real, to the point, and brought a Biblical perspective to a very raw subject that the church rarely wants to talk about. Most importantly, she was fun and entertaining! Just what our community of ladies needed. We would love to have her again…

Lisa PoverudWomen’s Ministry Committee, Willmar Assembly of God church, March 2013

A Timely Message–Delivered with Humor

What Does a Girl Talk Look Like?

The talk ideally is divided into two parts, with a break in the middle to allow women time to socialize, browse any displays you have, or grab some dessert/coffee. However, the talk could be given in all in one, if desired.

In the first part of the night, approximately 35 minutes, we talk about what God designed sex to be for, how our culture has distorted it, and how God made men and women differently.

Then we break for about twenty minutes, allowing the women time to chat and grab some goodies (and submit some anonymous questions!)

After the break, it’s time for door prizes. Sheila will provide 3, and you can provide however many you’d like (or none at all.) Then Sheila will answer questions for 15 minutes. Finally, Sheila will launch into the second half of her talk, focused on how to make sex great:

  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • AND Spiritually!