Girl Talk with Sheila Wray Gregoire: Straight Talk on Marriage, Intimacy and Sex!

Would you like a unique women’s event that will strengthen the marriages in your church, make your women laugh, but also serve as an effective outreach tool?

You need Girl Talk, Sheila Wray Gregoire’s signature event providing Straight Talk on Marriage and Intimacy, with a lot of humor thrown in.

An event with a track record of having better than average attendance for churches, women will flock to hear the message about why God designed sex the way He did–and how we can make it great in marriage physically, emotionally, AND spiritually.

Sheila is the author of seven books, including The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex and 31 Days to Great Sex. She’s been called the “Christian Dr. Ruth”. And she has a passion to see marriages thrive, reflecting real intimacy, not the pseudo-intimacy our culture tries to sell us.

Read on to see how she can help your church!

Sheila brought a new outlook on sex that we have never heard before. She was real, to the point, and brought a Biblical perspective to a very raw subject that the church rarely wants to talk about. Most importantly, she was fun and entertaining! Just what our community of ladies needed. We would love to have her again…

Lisa Poverud

Women’s Ministry Committee, Willmar Assembly of God church, March 2013



The talk ideally is divided into two parts, with a break in the middle to allow women time to socialize, browse any displays you have, or grab some dessert/coffee. However, the talk could be given in all in one, if desired.

In the first part of the night, approximately 35 minutes, we talk about what God designed sex to be for, how our culture has distorted it, and how God made men and women differently.

Then we break for about twenty minutes, allowing the women time to chat and grab some goodies (and submit some anonymous questions!)

After the break, it’s time for door prizes. Sheila will provide 3, and you can provide however many you’d like (or none at all.) Then Sheila will answer questions for 15 minutes. Finally, Sheila will launch into the second half of her talk, focused on how to make sex great:

  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • AND Spiritually!

Based on her award-winning book, The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, Sheila shares her research on what is actually happening in marriage today, and her insights into how God wants sex to be something that binds us together, not tears us apart.

She encourages the audience to change their attitude–to realize that sex was not created for MEN, but for WOMEN, too. And that a great sex life should never be on HER terms or on HIS terms, but rather on the two of them together, since sex was always created to be mutual.

And Sheila also addresses hot button topics like low male libido, pornography, and even toys (tastefully, of course).

Here’s a funny video she includes that gets to the heart of the issue: sometimes sex becomes so full of tension that we’d rather it just didn’t exist at all:


From the organizers:

Thank you so much for coming to speak at our church this evening! You have so much godly insight, it’s incredible! So many times tonight, you hit the nail right on the head!! (Like going over grocery or to-do lists during sex, or thinking about whether or not I “want to” for 20 minutes instead of jumping him! lol) After tonight’s Girl Talk, I’m going to pray about our sex life, and try my best to keep my head in the game!  Thank you again Sheila…God bless you! 

Trish Humby

Clearview Community Church, Stayner, Ontario

I really want to thank all of you for making Girl Talk such a marvelous success!! Every woman there came away refreshed and ready to get to work on making her marriage better. And, Sheila, from the entire crew here in the Hill Country, we love you, We pray for your ministry to grow and blossom even as you try to multiply yourself to get this upcoming wedding planned and done. We WILL pray for you! You have blessed my heart to popping!!!
Sandi Goforth

San Antonio, Texas

The event on Friday went very well! We had so many women in attendance and they all really enjoyed themselves. Sheila was wonderful and brought exactly what we hoped for with her presentation. She was also great to work with. Clear in her expectations and helpful with questions we had for her.

Andrea Carter

Life Center Assembly of God, Tacoma, Washington

From Attendees:

I so enjoyed the event last night! I was just so excited and had been counting down since November. Thank you so much for what you do and your time to come speak at Bethel Bible Church. I know many women were blessed.

Anna Rushing

Bethel Bible Church, Tyler, Texas

Sheila was honest and straight forward with her knowledge and presentation. I enjoyed the way she talked with us and not at us. She is very refreshing. They way she described things didn’t make you squirm or feel uncomfortable. Thank you Sheila!
Girl Talk Attendee

HillTop Baptist Church, Green River, Wyoming

Everything was great! Awesome time and great job! Best talk and seminar I’ve heard on the topic. Thanks so much for coming to San Angelo! 🙂

Girl Talk Attendee

San Angelo, Texas


  • Churches need to strengthen marriages. Marriages are falling apart in the church and not just in the wider culture. Yet pastors often have a hard time addressing certain areas of marriage from the pulpit, because children are present, or single adults, or widows. Here’s a chance to address sex, a vital part of marriage, in an accessible and easy way.
  • Younger women are more likely to want to come out. And since younger women are often the hardest to reach with women’s events, this can be a bridge for some of the women who often are isolated and not fully integrated into the church community.
  • Your church is seen as relevant–talking about the issues that people are dealing with on a daily basis.


  • In Willmar, MN, the average attendance of women’s events was 150. For their Girl Talk they had 320.
  • In Wilmington, DE, 200 women come out with just four weeks of promotion.
  • In Willmar, many of those in attendance were community women, not church women. Every married, adult woman is curious about sex. And seekers are far more likely to come out to an event that is focused around something that they are interested in. Because Sheila weaves the gospel into her explanation of why God designed sex the way He did, seekers will leave not only with a sense of what sex is for, but also with a greater understanding of who God is and the kind of intimate, close relationship He wants with us.
  • In Tyler, TX, they set a record for attendance at their women’s event–and even needed to bring in extra chairs.
  • A great bridge to the community!


The event runs best as an evening event from 7-9 or 7:30-9:30.

Are you a MOPS group? Sheila will speak at large daytime MOPS groups, but she really encourages groups to get several groups together and host an evening event.

The base cost is $1000 plus Sheila’s travel expenses, with the church and Sheila splitting revenue if the ticket sales exceeds 100. We encourage churches to sell tickets for $12-$15 each, so the cost to the church is actually quite minimal.

And Sheila will do her best to notify the people subscribed to her newsletters and on Facebook who live within 100 miles of your church that Girl Talk is happening! At every Girl Talk we’ve hosted so far, there have always been several groups of women who traveled far to see Sheila, based on her outreach. So you can be assured that you’re not alone when you sign up to host an event.


Just email Sheila’s assistant Tammy for more information!