Host Keith and Sheila for Your Marriage Event! One-Time Couples Night Out Or an All Day Event

Marriage is messy.

And if your church or group is looking for a way to strengthen marriage, Sheila and Keith Gregoire provide real truth and profound teaching about marriage delivered with authenticity and humor.

Sheila is an award-winning marriage author, speaker and blogger, and Keith Gregoire is a pediatrician. Together, they’ve been speaking at marriage conferences since 2004.

Bantering back and forth at the podium, so that the audience witnesses healthy marriage interaction, they offer:

One-Time Events: Talks on Sex, Resolving Conflict, and Communication

One Day Marriage Retreat: A 4-talk day filled with teaching, projects, and fun!

Church Sermon: Micah 6:8 Lived Out in Relationship

Practical, Biblical Teaching–Delivered with Humor

Neil and Sharol Josephson

Keith and Sheila are wonderful teachers on marriage and family.  They teach Christian principles with wisdom, humour and plenty of personal anecdotes.  You feel that you’ve been invited into their lives.  Their presentations are creative and well-prepared, but they go off-script just enough to be real and very, very funny.  We love teaching with them!

Neil and Sharol JosephsonCo-Directors, FamilyLife Canada

What Does the One-Talk Option Look Like?

Option 1: Light The Fire Again! (A talk on sex)

Sheila, the author of The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, is best known for speaking and writing about sex. And when she does her women’s talk on sex, churches often ask, “I wish our men could hear this, too!”

Here’s your chance! Together, Sheila and Keith share God’s design for sex, why it’s often such a source of tension in our marriages, and then how to make it rock: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Option 2: Playing for the Same Team (a talk on resolving conflict)

Instead of focusing on who is going to win each disagreement, let’s find the win-win! Because if one of you has to win, then the other has to lose. And who wants to be married to a loser?

Using lots of role play, tons of their own stories, and biblical teaching, Keith and Sheila share how to figure out the REAL issue you’re fighting about (it’s usually not what you think!), and how to find that resolution.

Option 3: What Are You Talking About? (a talk on communication)

We all know that men and women communicate differently, but gender differences aren’t the only things that cause misunderstandings. So do personality differences, different backgrounds, and more. And since we all have so many differences, it’s no wonder misunderstandings occur!

In this talk, Sheila and Keith share about our basic differences, and give couples tools to communicate better. The main teaching point: believing the best about your spouse not only smooths over differences–it’s also usually far more accurate than believing the worst!