Orgasm Course Wives & Husbands Bundle

Whether you’ve never reached orgasm, or whether orgasm is only hit and miss, take the course that helps unlock your sexual confidence and sexual response! The women’s course has 18 videos and jam-packed lessons and activities to help you discover arousal, learn how to orgasm, and even help you reach orgasm during intercourse!

Plus it includes the men’s extra videos and lessons to help him understand how you work–and how to work WITH your body to help you experience climax!


Do you feel like everyone else loves sex--and you can't figure out what all the fuss is about?

Ever worried that you're broken, and you're never going to get there?

Maybe you've tried everything--you've flicked, twirled, rubbed--and nothing's ever felt that great.

Or maybe you are a husband who knows that sex is supposed to be a passionate adventure that you enjoy with your wife, but it's never managed to be that before.

I hear you. And we've created a video course that can help you experience the passion you've always dreamed of!

At a discounted price, this joint Wives-and-Husbands package includes 18 videos for her, and 6 videos for him

The course will take wives on a voyage from "fizzle" to "wow" by:

  • Explaining what orgasm is--and why our #1 roadblock to orgasm is a warped view of what sex should be like
  • Diagnosing your own situation to figure out what's holding you personally back from orgasm
  • Unlocking the keys to your sexual confidence and sexual response
  • Discovering your unique arousal journey
  • Learning how to actually reach orgasm--and how to help your husband HELP YOU!
  • Even learning the route to orgasm through intercourse!

And husbands will learn:

  • The #1 belief that stops women from orgasming--whether you're the one believing it or she is
  • The #1 attitude that husbands have that can kill a woman's sexual response
  • How to help your wife see sex as a passionate part of her life that she can embrace for herself--not just for you.
  • Why women’s orgasm is worth the wait!
  • How to discover which erogenous zones turn HER on--and how she longs to be touched
  • And so much more.

When you purchase this course, you'll receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to jump in--right away!


What if you could stop feeling cheated by life and instead experience real passion?

Just imagine…Instead of dreading if you have to try again, after working through Module 4, you’ll know how to talk to your husband about what you need.

Instead of sex being something that’s predominantly for him, while you feeling good is merely a “bonus” or an “extra”, you’ll both be convinced that the best sex is that which is mutual, pleasurable, and intimate–and you’ll learn how to get there!

We’ll help you remove the roadblocks stopping you from orgasming; open up the floodgates so that you experience real arousal. And then we’ll take you through our three part journey to discover how to listen to your body and help your body respond:

  • learning to get aroused;
  • learning to orgasm;
  • and even learning how women orgasm during intercourse!

What’s in The Orgasm Course? 

Women’s Edition

  • Module 1: What is an Orgasm? Learn how your body works–but also why this all-too-often is a big mystery. Learn the ONE BIG piece of misinformation almost all of us believe–and how that belief is often at the root of why orgasm is so difficult. Be reassured as we look at how our bodies were made that we are designed for pleasure, and you aren’t broken! And in the exercises, take your first foray into learning mindfulness, and how visualization exercises can help you connect with your body.
  • Module 2: What’s Holding You Back? Orgasm isn’t all about sexual technique, and in this module we’ll look at all the other things that may keep us from sexual pleasure, including mental load, body image, beliefs about sex, and so much more. You’ll also be introduced to our 5 characters, composites of women who often internalize harmful messages about sex, to see how these can be overcome. Activities will help you make a concrete plan to defeat these roadblocks.
  • Module 3: What Can Turn You On? Now it’s time to open the floodgates! We know what can hold us back from pleasure, but in this module we’ll look at what can actually bring pleasure. Exercises will help you discover what things for you are must-haves if you’re going to relax and feel sexually confident.
  • Module 4: Learning to Orgasm Here’s the module we hope that people don’t skip right to! We go into all the nitty gritty about sexual technique, erogenous zones, and how women tend to enjoy being stimulated. In this module, we’ll start first with simply reawakening arousal. Learn what makes you start to feel excited! Then you’ll be invited and encouraged to try different things, either on your own or with your husband, to bring yourself to orgasm.
  • Module 5: Reaching Orgasm during Intercourse. Once you’ve figured out the orgasm piece through other stimulation, we’ll give tips, tricks, and exercises to help you reach orgasm during intercourse. Learn what to do with your hips, how to change up positions, and how to pay attention to timing to help yourself go over the edge!

Men’s Edition

  • Module 1: How Women’s Bodies Work. She was designed for pleasure–but do husbands know the #1 belief that often stops her from thinking she deserves it or wants it–and too often stops men from pursuing it?
  • Module 2: What’s Holding Your Wife Back? A condensed version of Modules 2 & 3 of the women’s version, husbands will learn what often stops women from prioritizing their own pleasure or experiencing pleasure, and activities will give husbands specific steps to take to figure out their wife’s route to arousal. A video will also warn of the 3 big turn-offs that women repeatedly tell us–and we’ll give our special challenge!
  • Module 3: Sexual Technique and the Big O! Learn how to stimulate your wife, and how to increase arousal, excitement, and pleasure, all the way to orgasm! Activities and lessons will show how women tend to like being touched–and some of the big mistakes that men often make. And you’ll be left with a smorgasbord of ideas to try to make her pleasure your priority!

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