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Want great sex in your marriage?

Get ready to turn up the heat in your marriage and sizzle in the bedroom!

Shannon Ethridge
Shannon EthridgeSpeaker, Life/Relationship Coach, and Best-selling author of the Every Woman’s Battle series

The author is really open and honest and the style is perfect!
I didn’t really think a book would help, but it has!!

Katherine Waddelove
Katherine WaddeloveReview on Amazon

I wish I had read this when I first got married 15 years ago!

Emily Hubbert
Emily HubbertReview on Amazon

SheilaWrayGregoire-SpeakerAuthorBlogger-Headshots-5470847365-300pxHi. I’m Sheila! I’ve been married to my husband Keith for 24 years.

And in those 24 years of marriage we’ve had great sex and we’ve had awful sex.

And the great sex is so much better!

In this 31 Day Challenge you do with your spouse, I’m going to show you how you can get to great sex, too!

No matter your background or track record so far, you can have great sex in marriage–and get those fireworks and that intimacy you’ve been longing for.

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Here’s what you’ll find:

    • You’ll be able to finally TALK about sex!

      31 Days of tips, challenges and conversation prompts that help you bring up stuff it’s been hard to talk about–in an easy, non-blaming manner.

    • You’ll be able to RELAX AND HAVE FUN again!

      Has sex become a chore? Do you tiptoe around each other? Learn to laugh, flirt, and be affectionate again.

    • You’ll see the SPARKS FLY!

      Want to spice things up? You’ll learn how–while dealing with the stuff that’s been holding you back, once and for all.

How Does the Book Work?

It’s not 31 Days OF Great Sex.

It’s 31 Days TO Great Sex.

That’s a big difference! Most nights you likely will have sex–and some of them specifically are all about that! But there are also challenges that build up your relationship so that great sex is much easier.

Here’s how:

  • Each night you have a short reading–about 3 pages–that you read through together.
  • Then there’s a challenge that you read–and you do!
  • Some of them are racy, some of them start conversations, and some help you reconnect.

TALK About Sex!

The readings will help prepare the ground so that it’s much easier to talk about the hard stuff–our backgrounds, our expectations, our disappointments–even our temptations! And you’ll be able to talk about your fantasies and your dreams, too!

LAUGH Together!

A great sex life needs laughter! You’ll find ways to play together, to flirt together, and to laugh again.


In a rut? You’ll play some sexy games. You’ll take it nice and slow to explore and find out what makes her feel good–and what curls his toes. You’ll get out of your routine and rock each other’s worlds!

If you are looking for common sense, down to earth ways to spice up your love life, then this is the book.

JimReview on Amazon

Sex is so important in a marriage, and yet often we lose hope. It becomes blah. We wonder if we can ever recapture that spark–or if we can ever light that spark in the first place.

This series takes you step by step in the process of building a fun and intimate sex life.

It doesn’t only focus on the mechanics of sex–though there certainly are posts that will help you in that department. It also focuses on building friendship, experiencing real intimacy, and learning to have fun again.

Any two bodies can work together sexually. When we have problems in the bedroom, it’s often not because of our bodies. It’s usually because we aren’t communicating well, or we feel distant from each other, or we’re just nervous. The big benefit of this 31 days is that you’ll actually TALK and communicate about this important part of your life. Talking about it is difficult to do, but the prompts and the posts make it much easier. That’s often when breakthroughs happen!

From Just $4.99!

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Buy in Canada
Buy in .pdf form

(that you can read on a computer, ereader, or phone)
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Who will benefit from this book?

Newlyweds Who Want to Start Well

Just got married? Sometimes it takes a while to adjust to sex and make it great. And it can be a challenge to talk about some of your expectations! Make it easy with 31 Days to Great Sex!

Couples in a Rut

Feel like your sex life is in a rut? Is nothing exciting anymore? Learn to have fun again–and rediscover that spark. Sex doesn’t have to be boring–and it can be awesome for you once again!

Couples with Issues to Work Through

Maybe one of you wants sex more than the other. Maybe porn has become a factor in your marriage. Maybe baggage is holding you back. Whatever the issue, 31 Days to Great Sex will help you talk about it in a low-stress way, and give you solutions to feel close again.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your marriage, the 31 Days to Great Sex will help you talk about sex more, think about intimacy more, and feel much closer together.

What will men think about this book?

I get a lot of women writing to me saying,

My husband HATES to read books. Will he read this?

The thing is, it’s not like a regular book. You don’t have to sit down and read 30 pages and then discuss it. Each night you’re really only reading about 3-4 pages. That’s it. Then there’s another page for the challenges. The reading is not time consuming, and it isn’t intimidating.

Here’s what one guy wrote:

I love the brief chapters. Enough is said and to the point. We are feeling more involved and our lovemaking has reached a new level.

REJPReview on Amazon

And most men will jump at the chance to make their sex life better!

What if you’re married to a guy who doesn’t actually want sex that much?

You’re not alone! In about 30% of marriages, SHE has the stronger sex drive. In the book, I talk about libido differences–but I don’t assume that it’s always the guy who has the higher libido. On the contrary, I do talk specifically to guys with lower libidos, and tell them how important sex is to their marriage. So it may just be a way to start the conversation with your low-libido husband, too.

Can a Husband Buy it for His Wife?

Absolutely! It’s a couple’s book, and if you’re male, and you want to work through it with your wife, here’s how I’d suggest talking about it:

  • Stress that it’s about reading and talking together. It’s not 31 days of sex tricks where you’ll ask her to do uncomfortable things.
  • Stress that you want to feel more intimate with her, and one of the weeks is on how to experience awesome intimacy.
  • If sex has really been a sore spot in your marriage, ask her to read this post first.

Many of the challenges, though, do help you talk through some issues that may be holding both of you back from enjoying sex in your marriage, like this one from Day 2 on what are the lies you believe about sex:

Here’s what one wife said about her sex life after reading the book:

I didn’t realize all the issues I had been dealing with and the baggage I had been carrying around until I went through this book with my hubby!

Jennifer M. Moya
Jennifer M. MoyaReview on Amazon

I Would Rather Buy the E-Book Edition to Have Access Right Away. But How Does an E-Book Work?

An ebook can be read on any device–a computer, an iPod, a phone, a tablet, an iPad–even an ereader! If you don’t have a particular e-reader (like a Kindle or a Nook or a Kobo), just buy the .pdf version from me. You’ll receive a link so you can download the book onto your computer or device, or you can even read it on your phone.

If you do have a specific ereader, you may prefer to buy it formatted for that reader. In that case,

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Want to learn more about how to read an ebook? This post can help!

Reader Response

I was simply overwhelmed last by the emails I had from you readers in response to this series. Here are just a taste:

Blog Reader

I have been amazed at the transformation in myself. I can’t imagine a bigger sceptic than me going in…it was truly only my desire to walk in obedience that got me started and kept me going. But now my husband and I “joke” that we had more sex in Feb 2012 than in all 2009. Thank you for changing the way I think about sex.

Blog Reader
Blog Reader

I asked hubby to do this challenge with me. He jumped at the chance – because he knows how much of a struggle this is with me. And tonight we started.

Wow – we haven’t talked like that in so long. It was amazing. Although we have a long way to go, thank you for making it possible for us to open the lines of communication.

Tonight, I want to cry because I feel like maybe, just maybe, there’s hope I’ll become the woman that God intends me to be, the woman that my DH prayed for, the woman I should be.

Blog Reader
Blog Reader

I just needed to tell you that your series has been a real eye opener for me. I don’t feel like I can post a public thank you yet because I’m a little embarrassed to say that it’s taken me 25 years to learn. And you were my teacher! This area of sex has had its issues throughout our marriage. I never understood about intimacy. No one ever took the time to teach me. It’s not something that’s talked about in “christian” circles. We’ve even been in counseling for the last two years–with a sex therapist who is a christian!!–and she’s never said these things to me.

Blog Reader
Blog Reader

I just wanted to tell you that I read your entire challenge last night. I know it is supposed to be a daily challenge but after the first couple of posts I started to feel… liberated. I am 23 and enjoy sex with my husband but also felt/feel incredibly embarrassed by my own sexual feelings. I love giving HIM pleasure but I struggle allowing him to give ME pleasure. I have always had an extremely crippling fear of “what if theres something wrong with me” and “what if I don’t do it right” and “what if hes just being nice but he thinks this is stupid/gross/annoying/taking too long”. When I was reading your posts I realized so many of my fears were unfounded. I realized that the way my body responds is completely normal and that in my fear, I have been preventing enjoyment in my husband. You kept saying that so many women just say “I guess my body just doesn’t work” THAT WAS ME and it really made me feel ashamed and embarrassed…..I know that as I learn about my body with my husband and as I learn to trust him in this way things will only get better and better for us. So… Thank you.

Blog Reader

If the spark has gone out of your marriage–don’t settle for that! Take a month, and find your way back to each other.

Don’t hesitate. Your marriage is too important.

From Just $4.99!

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Buy in Canada
Buy in .pdf form

(that you can read on a computer, ereader, or phone)
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