The Honeymoon Course

You’ve spent so long planning the wedding–now let’s plan an awesome honeymoon! This 5-module course will walk you through everything couples wish they knew before the honeymoon–and how you can start your marriage with a bang!

Learn all about how to start married sex well (whether you’re a virgin or not), and how to plan a custom-made honeymoon, just for you. With videos, activities, discussion questions, packing lists checklists, and more, The Honeymoon Course will help you put baggage behind you, embrace sex, and plan the perfect start to your marriage!


The Honeymoon is supposed to be the most glorious, romantic time of your life.

But for many couples it isn't. You're stressed; you're exhausted; and things get, well, awkward.

What if you could deal with all of that beforehand and skip the disappointment and go straight to the romance? That's what the Honeymoon Course is for! This video-based course helps you plan the perfect honeymoon for your budget, timeline, and preferences, where you'll build memories and feel close. But I'll also walk you through sex, what to expect, and tell you the ONE mindshift that makes honeymoon sex awesome! Whether you're a virgin or not, I'll help you start your married life with confidence and excitement.

With videos, audios, lesson plans, activities, and checklists and packing lists, the course has everything you'll need to have an amazing honeymoon!

The Course covers:

  1. Starting off with a Fresh Slate (dealing with baggage from porn use, abuse, sexual shame, or past partners)
  2. Planning the Perfect Trip for YOU--the 5 Honeymoon Types, which one works best for you, and how to maximize it and avoid any potential dangers. Plus our packing lists and cheat sheets will make the honeymoon super fun!
  3. Sex Ed for Adults--Everything you should expect with sex once you're married, including the two potential pitfalls most couples experience, and how to avoid them. Plus we'll talk about the different contraception methods, deal with any doctors' visits you may need, and more.
  4. Starting Your Sex Life off Right--Now let's talk Honeymoon Sex! We'll look at how to make sex great once you're on your honeymoon (including some words of wisdom for those who aren't virgins). And I'll share with you that ONE mindshift that makes all the difference.
  5. Celebrating Your Relationship--Now that you're on your honeymoon, we'll have several different activities to build memories and savour the romance.

Whether you're getting married in 6 months or 6 days, the course is worth it.

And it makes a great bridal shower gift, too! When you purchase The Honeymoon Course, you'll receive an email with a coupon that you can use to give the course to someone else. 

You've planned the wedding. Now let's plan how the start of your marriage will go!

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