The Orgasm Course: Men’s Edition

Whether you’ve never reached orgasm, or whether orgasm is only hit and miss, take the course that helps unlock your sexual confidence and sexual response! The women’s course has 18 videos and jam-packed lessons and activities to help you discover arousal, learn how to orgasm, and even help you reach orgasm during intercourse!

Plus, if you get the Men’s edition, you get 6 videos and lessons that help him understand how you work–and how to work WITH your body to help you experience climax!


You know that sex is supposed to be a passionate adventure that you enjoy with your wife.

But what if it's never been that for her? What if she just can't reach orgasm, and seems to have so many roadblocks for making sex feel good?

Enter The Orgasm Course, an online, video-based course that helps unlock her arousal, discover her sexuality, and learn how to reach orgasm.

The main course is for wives, but if your wife isn't sure she wants to take it, our men's edition teaches guys everything they need to know to help their wives discover their sexuality--and their sexual response!

In this 6-video course, with a jam-packed workbook, you'll learn:

  • The #1 belief that stops women from orgasming--whether you're the one believing it or she is
  • The #1 attitude that husbands have that can kill a woman's sexual response
  • How to help your wife see sex as a passionate part of her life that she can embrace for herself--not just for you.
  • Why women’s orgasm is worth the wait!
  • How to discover which erogenous zones turn HER on--and how she longs to be touched
  • And so much more.
Add on the women's course to your order, or consider this your research project to discover her sexuality!

Men’s Edition

  • Module 1: How Women’s Bodies Work. She was designed for pleasure–but do husbands know the #1 belief that often stops her from thinking she deserves it or wants it–and too often stops men from pursuing it?
  • Module 2: What’s Holding Your Wife Back? A condensed version of Modules 2 & 3 of the women’s version, husbands will learn what often stops women from prioritizing their own pleasure or experiencing pleasure, and activities will give husbands specific steps to take to figure out their wife’s route to arousal. A video will also warn of the 3 big turn-offs that women repeatedly tell us–and we’ll give our special challenge!
  • Module 3: Sexual Technique and the Big O! Learn how to stimulate your wife, and how to increase arousal, excitement, and pleasure, all the way to orgasm! Activities and lessons will show how women tend to like being touched–and some of the big mistakes that men often make. And you’ll be left with a smorgasbord of ideas to try to make her pleasure your priority!

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