She Should Know (Bubbles Version) Black Mug


Start your day off right with some empowering "She Should Knows" in your coffee mug (or hot chocolate, if you're like Sheila)!

Here's some information about this mug:

  • Material: 100% ceramic with a glossy finish
  • 11 oz
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • C-shaped easy-grip handle
  • Excellent for smashing patriarchy
  • Lead and BPA free

And here are the She Should Knows:

  1. Her feelings should not be ignored.
  2. Breaking up isn't a sin
  3. Truth should not be sacrificed for peace
  4. She is not less important than anyone else
  5. Struggling with mental health doesn't mean she did something wrong
  6. Her ultimate submission is to God alone
  7. God is not a husband vending machine
  8. Jesus is not a jealous boyfriend
  9. If a relationship feels hard, she may need to re-evaluate
  10. God does not demand human sacrifice
  11. Not everyone who claims to be a Christian has good character
  12. Happy isn't the only good emotion
  13. The first date isn't a proposal
  14. Boys should be held to the same standards as girls
  15. Virginity and purity are not synonyms
  16. Compliance does not equal consent
  17. Feeling safe takes precedence over being nice
  18. She is not a walking temptation to be used by Satan
  19. The difference between girls' and boys' visual natures has been overblown
  20. She has the right to exist in a female body
  21. Adults who find children intoxicating are called pedophiles
  22. Girls don't talk too much
  23. Disagreement is not rebellion
  24. She isn't more likely to be deceived
  25. It's not her job to make boys feel good about themselves
  26. Not all churches will try to keep her small
  27. More about sex than "don't do it"
  28. Not everyone who claims to be a Christian has good character

Additional information

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