A Unique Mother-Daughter Event For Your Church

For Girls 11-16 (and their moms!)


But do daughters necessarily feel that?

Starting around age 11, most girls go through a phase where they feel distant from their moms, like their moms just don’t “get” them. Then, as they go through the teenage years, they can go to everyone for advice except for the one person who loves them the most.

This unique event is geared towards pre-teens and teens, giving them opportunities to see, “Hey, my mom went through this, too!”

Throughout the evening, built in sharing time will allow moms to share some of the troubles they went through as teenagers, as moms and daughters laugh together, build rapport, and feel closer again.


Available as an event with Sheila and both daughters, or Sheila and either Rebecca or Katie.

Sheila Wray Gregoire is an Award-Winning Speaker, Author and Blogger

The author of nine books, she’s been writing about parenting and marriage since 2004. Today, her website, To Love, Honor and Vacuum, receives 1,000,000 page views a month. She and her husband Keith spend much of their time driving around North America in their RV, hosting marriage and parenting events at churches.

Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach is one of Christianity’s Youngest Authors!

A Psychology graduate, this 23-year-old is the author of Why I Didn’t Rebel, to be released in October 2017 from Thomas Nelson. She’s passionate about teaching that authenticity is the key to spiritual growth and spiritual impact. A blogger in her own right, she lives in Ottawa with her husband.

Katie Elizabeth Gregoire is a YouTuber Extraordinaire

When Katie was 16 she began her YouTube channel on a whim. Her videos have since received over 1,000,000 views, and she’s gaining popularity. Passionate about teaching girls that they need to get serious about who they want to be, this 20-year-old ends every video with “Don’t be stupid or make bad decisions.”


Over the course of the two hour event, Sheila and her daughter (or daughters!) will share their own stories, mixed with video, and then give quick “mini-projects” or sharing times when the moms and daughters can answer a question or tell a story themselves.

The focus of the evening is on Moms sharing about their own lives as teens, NOT getting the daughters to divulge secrets. 

We’re passionate about helping bridge the communication between mom and daughter. When daughters feel comfortable with their mothers, they will eventually open up. So the aim, then, is to build that comfort level here so that the foundation is there where daughters can become vulnerable to their moms again, in their own time.

There is no pressure for young people to share their secrets.

Instead, with tons of humour and an upbeat environment, moms will be encouraged to tell their daughters things like:

  • How did I get along with my mom?
  • What was life like with me and my siblings?
  • What happened when I got my first bra?
  • Who was my first crush–and what happened with him?
  • What really embarrassed me when I was a teen?
  • What happened when I first met  your dad?

Even if moms didn’t have pristine pasts, that’s okay! The night will be about allowing daughters to see, “my mom went through a lot of the same things I do today!”

This family has touched my life so deeply. I have read all of Sheila’s books, been to a Girl Talk, watched Katie’s videos, and follow Rebecca’s blog. I am 30 years old and they all are relevant to my life as a woman, wife, mom, and daughter. Their fearless approach of talking about things that few others want to say keep me captivated and encouraged. They are a healthy model of what I want my family to look like when I’m done raising my little ones! So grateful for the shared wisdom.


Long Time Online Fan

Let’s Face It–Sometimes Daughters Feel Awkward Talking to their Mothers


And sometimes moms feel awkward talking to their daughters!

And yet we need to get over that reticence, because moms are the best guides their daughters can have for the turbulent teenage years!

That’s why this evening is geared towards making those conversations less awkward, and far more filled with humour and camaraderie.

Raised by a mother with such strength (and humour) Rebecca and Katie have grown into wonderful young ladies, closely following in Sheila’s footsteps with the same kindness, grace and faith that many of us strive to achieve in our everyday lives.

Rebecca Anne Belliveau

Former Youth Leader

Let’s Bless our Daughters!

Moms feel such love for their daughters–but it’s often so hard to express it.

This evening will build up to the final event, when moms will speak into their daughters’ lives and call out the many wonderful gifts they see that God has given them. It’s hard to say those words that come right from the heart. It doesn’t always feel natural.

But this event will give moms that opportunity, and they’ll see their girls blossom.

Sheila and her daughters stand for their beliefs in a real, connecting, open way that challenges me in my own faithful journey walk. Wisdom, witty talks and perseverance. I am appreciative of their books, videos and delivery of messages that are real and heartfelt.

Katie Leeder-Ireland

Manager, New Vision Christian Bookstore

Want more information on booking Sheila and her daughters for your Mother-Daughter event?

Just email Tammy, Sheila’s ministry director, and we’ll get the event started!