Do you feel harried? Taken for granted? Like you never have enough time in the day to get everything done that needs to get done, let alone anything that you actually want to do?

Then this REVISED and UPDATED book is for you! To Love, Honor and Vacuum helps women find peace in the midst of their hectic lives by helping them remember that the goal is to point people to Christ–not to wait on everyone hand and foot and to have a perfect house.

I give it to you straight: do you do everything around your house, but never have time for the important things? Are you inadvertently teaching your family members to treat you with disrespect? Or are you simply overwhelmed by keeping a house while you’ve also got toddlers underfoot?

I’ll teach you how to put first things first, and foster relationships where you’ll feel more appreciated, less harried, and more fulfilled. The book will help you:

  • Set realistic standards for housework
  • Learn to do housework more efficiently
  • Make your home family-friendly
  • Recruit help from family members
  • Command respect from your husband and kids
  • Prioritize family relationships
  • Make decisions about work and money
  • Keep romance alive!

This strikes me as one of the best books I’ve read in a long time!

Lisa Ann Cockrel
Lisa Ann
Jessi Fearon

If you have been struggling to live up to the woman in Proverbs 31 – read this book! This was such an amazing read and I gained a whole new perspective that was much needed. I highly recommend this book for all wives and mothers – especially if you are a stay-at-home mom. You’ll be happy that you read this.


I came across this book when I was worn out and in a rut. The title alone spoke to me and sold me on the book. It has been somewhat of a life changer. It has given me motivation and hope to be a better wife and mother and to focus on things that really matter. It’s a very easy read and has a lot of great, practical advice. She gives very specific, life applicable steps to take to get moving in the right direction. I have gotten organized and have set a pace that works for me and have implemented a lot of the ideas of this book with great success at home. My husband is happier. My children are happier. And I am MUCH happier.

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Not just another housekeeping pep talk!

Fabulous book! This book stands out of the crowd! I don’t buy books often and its even more rare that I feel my purchase was money well-spent. I would buy this book AGAIN, though! And, in fact, I probably will be – to send a friend. I hope you buy it, too! 🙂

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Ever wonder why you’ve tried dozens of different chores organization techniques and they don’t work?

Maybe the issue isn’t organization–it’s perspective and attitude.

  • Are you trying to raise children–or raise adults?
  • Are you trying to be nice to your family–or be good to your family by pointing them to Christ?
  • Are you trying to create a perfect house–or a comfortable home?

If your starting point is wrong, you will be stressed, no matter what organization technique you use. And so maybe it’s time to start with our attitudes, then look at our relationships–and only THEN turn to how to organize ourselves better.

Here’s what’s included in To Love, Honor and Vacuum:

Chapter 1: Diagnosis Stress!
Why we women so often find home life so exhausting.

Chapter 2: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
A fictional jaunt through history to show you why life IS more stressful today–and why your grandmother could handle things better than you can!

Chapter 3: This Ain’t My Momma’s House!
An invitation to take a close look at who is setting your standards–with a plea for grace for ourselves.

Chapter 4: Balancing Tipped Scales
Feeling worn out? Maybe you’re spending too much time on the unimportant, and not enough on the stuff that revives you. A plan to include more reviving things in your life.

Chapter 5: Relationship U-Turns
We’ve given ourselves a break, we’re getting more organized, and we have more things that revive us in our lives. But what if the reason that we’re exhausted is that no one else seems to help–or even to care? A look at how to actually change relationships so that we point people to Christ, not away from Him.

Chapter 6: The Family That Cleans Together
You CAN get your kids involved in keeping the house under control. And you can involve your husband, too!

Chapter 7: Don’t Just Sit There–Do Something!
What do you do if people take you for granted and disrespect you? A look at how to earn respect in your family, and set your relationships back on the right course.

Chapter 8: Kids Spell Love T-I-M-E
You’ve got kids involved in the house, but you also need to just relax and have fun with them. Here’s how.

Chapter 9: Bringing Your Wallet Under God’s Control
Another big source of stress is money. Do you use money well? Do you save money well? What do you do about work and childcare? A helpful look at how to make decisions about kids, money, and savings.

Chapter 10: In the Mood
A peaceful family that reflects Christ’s love has the marriage at the centre. And that means that you need to prioritize your relationship with your husband–even in the bedroom! (You knew I couldn’t leave that out, right?)

Amber Smith

Must read for moms, whether you have one or a handful.

This book gives very practical suggestions for initiating chores in your home as well as lots of food for thought about why you do things the way you do them. Don’t just get this book for help with cleaning, though. There is so much more!! Definitely worth the read!

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This book is for the women who think they are unable to do it all because the day is only 24 hours, that feel they are doing everything at home all by themselves, that are getting exausted day by day. Women who feel disrespected by their spouses. Women that feel they can’t afford to get sick because the house seems to go down because of it. This book is a HUGE blessing in my life, I will read it over and over, because some thoughts just click inside and work wonders in me. Sometimes I feel there is no one who feels what I feel, but the author knows exactly how I am feeling. And that gives me hope.

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Rosemary Stringer

Amazing book! Need this SO MUCH!

Must-read!!! Practical, clear and down-to-earth advice for all the struggling moms who don’t have it all together & have no idea where to start!!! <3 this book!

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