I’ve had such fun launching my speaker and writer training lately! And I’ve had some great feedback I want to share with you.

Build Your Online Community Teleseminar/Audio Download

We first launched this as a teleseminar, but now you can download it even if you didn’t attend live. Here’s some feedback:

I finally sat down to listen to your Building an Online Community teleseminar, and thanks for all the information! Congratulations on 

how well this is working for you. It’s inspiring.
– Joanna Mallory


I SOOO enjoyed the webinar last time, Sheila. I’ll hate to miss this one. God is using you. I am passing you on to many others and I have a link to your blog on mine.

– Candy Troutman, Moving Toward Joy


Build Your Online Community E-Course

I have started reading the 2nd module you sent out today. Love it!

– Candy Troutman, How’s That Workin for Ya?


I highly recommend Sheila’s (name of training product). She does an excellent job of helping you to understand that social media is really about connecting with others – and about its power in building a successful writing and speaking business. She has very practical, humorous, and encouraging training resources on speaking and writing that will motivate you to get going NOW and to share the messages that God has put on your heart.

Beth Jones, Christian speaker/writer, www.bethjones.net


Launch Your Speaking Ministry Teleseminar/Audio Download

Yesterday, I listened to an on-line seminar hosted by Sheila Wray Gregoire onHow to Launch a Speaking Ministry(the best $10 I’ve spent in a long time and well worth the hour investment for anyone with a heart stirred along these lines). In her talk Shelia lays out some initial, foundational principles about how to shape and hone a “signature talk”, one that directly pertains to our own personal story. We all have one; yours isn’t mine and mine will never perfectly fit into yours. God created each one of us with a story in mind. You are the one best equipped to write its witness.

Sheila also drove home the point that “speaking” isn’t necessarily the same thing as “teaching” or “preaching.” According to Shelia, the goal of a good speaker is “to bring other people to a place where they are open to hearing God’s voice.” And while she was referring to a speaking ministry, I would echo the same for my writing ministry; as for that matter, my life’s work!
– Elaine Killian Olsen, Peace for the Journey (on her blog)


From what I have heard and read in your blog it is cear that you have a heart for true ministry. You care about people and I felt as if I were having a cup of tea with a good friend. I am really looking forward to your e-course.

– Robin Giles


I’ve listened to both teleseminars, and they’re amazing and a great value for the $$. I’m currently writing my first ebook. As I listened to the information product podcast, something you said triggered two ideas for companion products. I’m so excited. Thank you.

I look forward to your newsletter, listening to the podcasts on the site, and checking out your other products. I’ll be ordering again!

Joyce Heiser, Inspirational author, From My Heart…To Yours


Crafting A Life-Changing Signature Talk Teleseminar and Audio Download

Absolutely top notch Sheila. Terrific info as well as warm delivery.

– Connie Cavanaugh, Professional Speaker


Sheila, this was so awesome. Very very helpful – gave me some great tips – what is effective, what NOT to do – loved what you said a

bout making it all about Christ —- and about the anecdotes!!!

I LOVED it and hope you do more of these!

– Beth Jones, www.bethjones.net


I am currently tweaking my signature talk. What great insight.

I sort of stumbled into speaking some years ago, and the Lord has blessed my ministry greatly, but there were so many things that were never put in place from the beginning. Questions about setting fees, what to do about book tables when you don’t have a book or cd. Although 99% of my invitations come thru word of mouth, how do I gently promote myself? Those little things were always troubling for me. I have searched the web for years trying to find resources to help me fill in the gaps.

The speaking and singing part come fairly easy for me and it’s my passion, but the business side of ministry has always been a challenge.

I was getting a little discouraged because there were not enough practical details in the information I would find. Back in September I went on a retreat to be alone with the Lord. I desperately cried out to God asking him if he wanted me to continue then I needed a mentor. Someone who could take me by the hand and show me step by step how to do this. A person who was sensitive to the leading of God’s Spirit and wise in how to grow speaking ministry.

Praise God for answered prayer! I found Sheila’s speaker website and what a blessing. I think I read her entire blog posts in one day! this is what I have been searching for. I thank the Lord for her gift and ministry.

– Robin Gileswww.robingiles.org

I loved your Crafting an Effective Signature Talk! I really felt like it gave me a great starting, middle and ending place. My thoughts were all over the place before watching this, now I feel focused and like I have a direction that I didn’t have before. That was a excellent 12.00 spent! I am looking forward to listening to more of your downloads.

-Mary McKinney, www.HolyYogaofAthensGa.com


Treating Speaking as a Business Teleseminar

Wow, Sheila, this was great! Very practical, helpful, and you are soooo funny.

I found out this past year what you said about the one sheet to be very true, and am not going to do that anymore – it IS very expensive. Also, I found out the hard way that me making “freebies” like home-made but cute booklets and bookmarks just to “bless the women” ran into some MAJOR money and probably won’t do that again because as you said, I don’t want to damage our bank account (or my marriage) doing this!!!

I really liked how you encouraged us to keep our focus on spreading the kingdom and gospel, but also making money at this….some people (especially churches) assume you should just speak for free or a very low cost, even after you have some experience. I’ve found that some churches want great speakers but don’t want to pay the cost to get them. I think this is something that the church and women’s ministries needs revelation on!

– Beth Joneswww.bethjones.net