Treating Speaking as a BusinessWe know that speaking in the Christian realm is a ministry. But if we really want to grow, we do need to practice good business principles. In this very practical teleseminar, we’ll look at how to manage our time. How do we market? Where do we market? What promotional materials do we need? And how much time does it take?

We’ll look at how to set reasonable fees, and how to confidently talk about them.

And we’ll look at how to act professionally with those who book us. If you want to be treated seriously as a speaker, you have to act like you take yourself seriously! Learn how now!

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You want to be treated seriously. But people won’t treat your ministry seriously until you start treating it seriously–and that means developing good business practices!

In this audio download we’ll talk for an hour about the business side of speaking. You’ll learn how to set it up so that you don’t burn yourself out, but pace yourself and steadily grow your ministry.

We’ll talk about the very uncomfortable topic of money–how much do I charge? How do I talk to others about it?

And we’ll get into the nitty gritty of marketing. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Time Management: How do we balance training, speaking, and marketing?
  • Online Marketing: What do I need? Who do I talk to? How do I network?
  • Fee Schedules: How much do I charge? And how do I bring up the subject?
  • Promotional Materials: What do I need? How much should they cost?
  • Giving a Professional Air: Helping others take you seriously
  • Goal Planning: How can I measure progress?

When you’re just starting out, it can be hard to imagine anyone actually paying you to speak. You feel like you’re just getting your feet wet, and even if you’re very professional in other areas of your life, how can you act professionally in something that most people think is a little bit crazy? Why would you want to be a speaker? What do you have to offer that’s so great?

We’ll learn how to get past that initial fear and insecurity and set realistic goals, based on what you think God is calling you to. We’ll talk about how to balance that idea of calling and ministry with business, and I’ll explain how it’s difficult for a ministry to grow if it doesn’t develop good business practices. And we’ll deal with some of the most pressing questions new speakers have.

And you’ll also receive, for free, my automated worksheet that helps you prioritize all your marketing/business efforts, by ranking them according to kingdom impact, networking effectiveness, profitability, and more. It then calculates which you should do first! It’s worth its weight in gold, and will help you concentrate your efforts on what will help you the most!

Read how useful one of my speaking students found this worksheet right here.

Your ministry won’t grow unless you take it seriously. Come to this teleseminar and feel inspired and motivated to start doing just that!

It’s only $12, and it will pay for itself in the confidence that you have to start asking for fees, and the planning tools this will give you to move to the next level!

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