The Adventure of WritingI became a writer and a speaker by accident.

I sent a story in to Reader’s Digest, and they took it. And so I started searching for more markets for my writing.

And from then on, God has led me on a great, though often lonely, adventure.

In this 40 minute keynote address, delivered at Write Canada in 2012, I share that writing and speaking are all about conversation–conversation with God, and conversation with our audience.

And I share the important elements of that conversation with our audience: authenticity, reciprocity, and excellence. I talk about how we need to be real; how we need to think of our audience first and meet them where they are at; and how we need to become excellent.

We’ll also cover how lonely this adventure often is. We feel unsupported. We feel like we’re out on a limb. And we often feel pressure to do more, write more, and sell more.

And I share some practical tips involving new media and making our way in this world of social media, platform, and constant pressure to sell.

My most inspirational of all my training talks, this one will make you pray and help you wrestle through with God what your calling means.

Recorded at Write Canada, 2012. 41 minutes.

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