How to Get Better BookingsHave you been speaking for a while, but you feel like your ministry is at a standstill? You can’t seem to break out of those small engagements, like dessert nights or women’s Bible studies?

In this teleseminar, we’ll look at strategies for getting better bookings! It’s very practical, and comes with a detailed handout that you can use to brainstorm!

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You’ve felt the call to speak. You’ve thrown yourself out there, and you’ve managed to speak a few times at small churches for dessert nights, or women’s Bible studies, or rustic retreats.

It’s been wonderful, and you’ve felt God’s presence. But you want to expand your ministry and get some bigger bookings, so that you can afford to keep doing this!

In this 75 minute audio download I will give you TONS of extremely practical things that you can put in place TODAY that will help you land better bookings that may actually pay! I’ll also give you a handout with all of these tips written down, so you’ll find it easy to implement them.

We’ll look at:

  • How to Promote Yourself
  • How to Work Within a Denomination to Build up Bookings (even if it’s not your denomination)
  • How to Cold Call Churches
  • How to Find Places that Hire Speakers
  • How to Prepare a Presentation Package
  • How to Set Up your Web Presence
  • How to Develop a Speaking Tour

You’ll learn how to utilize free bookings to the maximum! And you’ll learn the difference between giving a keynote and giving a breakout session, and how breakouts can be used to generate more bookings.

The whole teleseminar–with access to handouts, PowerPoint, and a recording –is only $12!