Creating Products to Sell

If you’re a speaker and you need things to sell on your book table, this talk can help you think outside the box!

Or perhaps you’re a writer, and you want to figure out what spin-off products you can create from your books. In this hour long seminar, I walked us through all kinds of different valuable information products we can create. We talk about which are the most cost-effective to produce, which have the highest sale value, and how you can market them online!

Not everybody wants to buy a book, and when you create products that are available in different formats, you make sure your work is accessible to everyone!

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On my book table, I don’t just have books. I have CDs. I have compilations. I have DVDs. I have Bible studies.

And on my website, I sell audio downloads, e-courses, videos, and more.

In fact, I sell more of these other products than I do of my books!

If you have a book out, but you want more variety on your book table, or if you’re a speaker, and you want something other than a book, this seminar can teach you how to create:

  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Studies
  • Workbooks
  • Devotionals
  • Self-Published Books
  • Web-based Products

and more! Many of these products don’t even cost money to create–they just take your time.

Learn the tools of the trade of how to get started creating interesting products that people want, and new ways of packaging your information. When you create things to sell on your book table, then you increase your income. It helps you to be able to devote more time to speaking, and less to doing other sorts of paid work! And you create products that will help people grow in their faith.

When people connect with you as you speak, they WANT to take something home with them. Providing a variety of products help them go deeper with the message that God’s given you.

In this audio download we’ll focus on which products you should start with. We’ll talk the nitty gritty of which are cheapest to produce, and which are most in demand.

Great for speakers, or writers who want to build more of a platform. One of the most exciting parts I’ll be doing is on e-books and e-marketing, so that you can learn how to generate some income off of your website or blog!

You’ll learn how to create new products to generate some much needed income, all for just $12!