Recently, I launched some webinars and writers and e-courses to help you launch your speaking ministry, or take it what you have to the next level! They are:

Launch your speaking careerHow to Launch Your Speaking Ministry (for speakers and writers who need to branch out)

This one hour teleseminar will teach you what a talk entails (hint: it’s not about teaching!), how to impact people, how to find your voice and your message, and how to get your first speaking engagements. We’ll cover what audiences relate to best, what you must know before you open your mouth, how to find hidden opportunities, and how to use your giftings!

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Crafting Your Signature TalkCrafting Your Signature Talk (for speakers)

You want to give an effective talk that will change lives, but how do you do this? How do you use Scripture effectively? How do you bond with the audience? How do you capture and keep their attention? In this hour long practical download, we’ll walk step by step through the process of crafting an effective talk. You’ll learn where to put in anecdotes, how to use Scripture, and how to end so that you invite people to have a closer encounter with Jesus.

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Creating Products to SellCreating Products to Sell (for speakers and writers)

If you’re a speaker and you need things to sell on your book table, this talk can help you think outside the box! Or perhaps you’re a writer, and you want to figure out what spin-off products you can create from your books. In this hour long seminar, I walked us through all kinds of different valuable information products we can create. We talk about which are the most cost-effective to produce, which have the highest sale value, and how you can market them online!

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Speaking Ecourses Treating Speaking as a Business (for speakers)

We know that speaking in the Christian realm is a ministry. But if we really want to grow, we do need to practice good business principles. In this very practical teleseminar, we’ll look at how to manage our time. How do we market? Where do we market? What promotional materials do we need? And how much time does it take? We’ll look at how to set reasonable fees, and how to confidently talk about them. And we’ll look at how to act professionally with those who book us. If you want to be treated seriously as a speaker, you have to act like you take yourself seriously.

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How to Get Better BookingsHow to Get Better Bookings (for speakers)

Have you been speaking for a while, but you feel like your ministry is at a standstill? You can’t seem to break out of those small engagements, like dessert nights or women’s Bible studies? In this teleseminar, we’ll look at strategies for getting better bookings! It’s very practical, and comes with a detailed handout that you can use to brainstorm!

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How to Build an Online CommunityBuilding an Online Community (for speakers and writers)

Learn how to leverage social media to establish yourself in your niche. As a speaker, you want to get the word out there. But you also want to keep in touch with those that you speak to, because they can send you more referrals, and they’re natural customers for your products. But perhaps even more importantly, you’ve already made a connection with them, so you are the natural vehicle to continue to minister God’s message! But you can’t do that without an online presence.

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The Adventure of WritingThe Purpose–and Adventure–of Writing (for writers)

The most personal of all my talks, I share my journey of how I started writing, and I encourage writers to pursue authenticity, conversation, and excellence. We cover wrestling with God over your calling, dealing with the pressure to sell and the constant feelings of loneliness and inadequacy, and the immense privilege we have to share God’s message.

A keynote address, this audio download doesn’t come with handouts. It’s more to listen to just to inspire you.

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