How to Build Your Online CommunityLearn how to leverage social media to establish yourself in your niche. As a speaker, you want to get the word out there. But you also want to keep in touch with those that you speak to, because they can send you more referrals, and they’re natural customers for your products. But perhaps even more importantly, you’ve already made a connection with them, so you are the natural vehicle to continue to minister God’s message! But you can’t do that without an online presence.

If words like “Twitter“, “Facebook Page”, or “online parties” scare you, then this teleseminar and the accompanying ecourse will help put your fears to rest!

Learn how to:

* Build an Online Community
* Understand the difference between marketing and participating in a community
* Identify and Locate your Online Niche
* Draw People to Your Blog or Twitter page
* Host an Online Party!

Whether we’re comfortable with it or not, the online world is here and we need to adapt. Come and learn the easy steps you can take to create your own group of listeners and followers, and find new people who can help you get the word out about your ministry, your products, and most of all, the message God has given you!

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One year ago I had a website. I updated it when I thought about it, but I didn’t think about it that frequently. And not surprisingly, I averaged about one book sale a month through my website.

Then I decided to jump into blogging full steam! I joined Facebook, opened a blog on Blogger, and eventually joined Twitter. I’ve increased my sales twenty-fold, and it keeps going up.

But the key to building an online community is not to think of it as marketing; it’s instead participating in a conversation. If you yell at people for attention, they’ll dismiss you. If you contribute information they want, they’ll pay attention.

So the key to online social media is learning how to contribute information people want, and how to let them know it’s there.
In this four module course, we’ll cover everything you need to develop a social media plan, whether you’re willing to spend one hour a day, or one hour a week. The course starts whenever you want it to! When you sign up, you’ll automatically receive a new module every two weeks.
We’ll cover:

1. Discovering and Targeting Your Niche

  • Brainstorm to figure out exactly who you’re writing to
  • Learn where they are and how to find them
  • Launch your blog directly in your niche
  • Learn the secrets to choosing a good blog title, finding the right blogging tools, and writing a blog post that people come back for
  • Learn how to use blogs to participate in conversations

2. Learning the Nuts and Bolts of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more

  • What is Twitter? What do I have to do?
  • How do I create a following on Facebook?
  • Answer these questions, and learn the best tools for Twitter so that you can maximize your exposure with a minimal amount of time
  • Learn how to find the best people to follow
  • Learn what other social media tools are also helpful for building buzz

3. Draw Attention to Your Blog

  • You’ve been writing, but how do you keep people coming back for more?
  • Learn the one thing that consistently draws people
  • Learn how to capture visitors’ email addresses so that you can get a targeted list
  • Discover the key to building a blog following
  • Figure out how to write newsletters, how often to send them, and what to put in them

4. Launch an Online Party!

  • A hands-on, very practical module with a step-by-step guide for an integrated approach to an online party
  • Learn how to utilize email, blogging, Twitter, Facebook, and other media to create a one-day buzz for your book or product
  • Discover the secrets of being hosted on a blog tour–and figure out which blogs to ask, and how to contact them

If you get nothing else, this one will pay for itself over and over!
The whole 4-module set is available for $75. It will take you step by step through the complicated online world of social media, tell you which tools to target, and help you uncover your niche. The fourth module alone easily pays for itself!


UPDATE: And it’s on sale right now for 50% off!

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