Sheila’s Article List

The following is a list of most of the articles Sheila has authored. Only the first publication of an article is listed below. For reprint information, please email Sheila.


This list does not include her regular columns that appear in The ShieldThe Southern ExposureLiving Light NewsSeven (the Promise Keepers magazine),The Christian Life Times, or The Belleville Intelligencer.

“How to Set up a Church Library”. Faith Today, November/December 2008.

Agents of Hope: Christian Principals in the Public School System“. Faith Today, September/October 2008.

How Big Is Your Umbrella? An interview with Sheila, Link & Visitor, May/June 2008.

Designed to Wait, Link & Visitor, December 2007.

Making it Real: A Profile of Franklin Pyles“, Faith Today, September/October 2006.

Knit One, Hope Two, Fellowship Link, Summer 2005.

The Rainbow Garden, Fellowship Link, Spring 2005.

Real Good HousekeepingMarriage Partnership, Spring 2005.
Negotiating who does what around the house.

The Joy of Christian SexFaith Today, March/April 2005.

In Search of Me“, Homeschooling Today, November 2004.
Genealogy with your kids.

Family Christman Tree“, Link & Visitor, November 2004.

My Man of Steel“, Family Life Canada, October 2004.

Training for Holiness“, Woman’s Touch, July 2004.
Raising Kids to be holy.

Family Fun by the Book“, HomeLife, July 2004.
Reading with your kids.

Hunting for the Easter Story“, HomeLife, April 2004.

It’s Raining Fun“, HomeLife, March 2004.
Rainy day activities with your children.

Redeem the Time“, SpiritLed Woman, January 2004.

What Works for Your Family?”, ParentLife, October 2003.
Mothers and Work.

Going Public: Making the Most of your Children’s Public School Experience“, Christian Parenting Today, Fall 2003.

How Virtue Triumphed“, About Families, August 2003.
A look at September 11.

Do the What Ifs Hold You Back?”, Link & Visitor, July 2003.

School Choice: Information to Empower“, ParentLife, May 2003.

“5 Family Times Kids Will Love“, ParentLife, April 2003.

Turn Off and Tune In“, Marriage Partnership, Spring 2003
How TV impacts our marriages—for the worse.

When Baby Isn’t Perfect“, BabyLife (a division of ParentLife), 2003.

Open Home“, Christian Parenting Today, Fall 2002.
Ministering to the Kids in your neighborhood.

When Sleeping Together Drives You Apart“, Marriage Partnership, Summer 2002.

Til Kids do us Part“, Christian Home and School, May/June 2002
Dealing with the stresses on a marriage that children can bring

Parenting with Trust and Faith“, ParentLife, May 2002
How to let go and give your kids to God

Getting Fit for Fun“, Vibrant Life, March 2002.
Exercising with children.

7 Steps to More Energy than You Thought Possible“, Vibrant Life, September 2001.

To Test or not to Test“, Our Family, August/September 2001
The ethics of prenatal testing.

Raising Kids Who Care“, Christian Parenting Today, July/August 2001
Ways to volunteer with your children

When a Friend Hurts“, Today’s Christian Woman, November/December 2000
Helping a grieving friend.

Do You Trust God with your Kids?”, Christian Parenting Today, July/August 2000
How to parent without fear.

The Least of TheseCelebrate Life, May/June 1999
Personal account of dealing with the birth and death of my son with Down Syndrome.

Regional Parenting Publication Reprints

Sheila has written for dozens of regional parenting magazines across North America on dangerous topics ranging from Dating While Married to Getting the Family Photo Taken. Many of the articles she has available for reprints are listed below. Most run around 1,000 words, but they can be shortened or lengthened at your request. A list of publications is included at the bottom of this page.

For information regarding reprints, email Sheila here.

Christmas Articles

Say Cheese! (Humorous look at getting the family photo taken).
Are We There Yet? (Humorous look at the agony of Christmas car trips)
O Christmas Tree (What our trees covered with homemade decorations say about us)

Valentine’s Day Articles

Are We Having Fun Yet? (Dating while married)


Thanksgiving Articles


An Attitude of Gratitude (encouraging gratitude in your children)

Parenting Articles

Help! We’re the Neighborhood Hangout (Dealing with kids showing up at the door) The Family that Reads Together (How reading as a family can draw you together)
Turn off TV, Turn on Life! (to coincide with TV Free Week in April)
Rainy Day Activities (Keeping kids happy indoors when outdoors is soggy)
Family Friendly Nights (Great activities to keep the family together!)
Till Kids Do Us Part (Helping your marriage survive children)
Banishing the Stay at Home Blues
Get Fit for Fun! (exercising with your children)

In Search of…Me! (climbing your family tree with your child)

Roses, Chocolate, and Lots of Love (marking your children’s milestones)

Waiting for Dinner (on the importance of family dinners)


Parenting Reflections

In Praise of Being Ordinary

Are Children Worth It?

Financial Articles

What Works for Your Family? (Deciding on whether or not to work outside the home)
The Cost of Having a Baby
Shopping Safely Online
Car Buying Tips
Buying a House

The Best Money Saving Tips
Handling Allowances
Parenting Publication List

About Families
Big Apple Parent
Charlotte Parent
Family Forum
HV Parent
Kids VT
Metro Family Magazine
Nashville Parent
Northwest Baby & Child
Parent & Family
Parenting Plus
San Diego Family
Washington Families
Windsor Parent
WNY Family


Sheila’s Publication List

Sheila has been published in dozens of magazines and newspapers, including these:

Christian Publications Newspapers
BabyLife Active Christian News
Celebrate Life Christian Current
ChristianHome & School Christian Week
Christian Parenting Today Life Canada News
Christian Reader Living Light News
Creation Illustrated The Belleville Intelligencer
Faith Today
FellowScript Sheila’s Columns
HomeLife Belleville Intelligencer
Homeschooling Today Christian Life Times
InCourage Heart of the Matter
Link & Visitor Living Light News
Marriage Partnership ParentLife
Our Family Seven
ParentLife The Shield
Spirit Led Woman The Southern Exposure
The Evangelical Baptist
The Fellowship Link
Today’s Christian Woman
Vibrant Life
Woman’s Touch
Regional Parenting Publications
Big Apple Parent
Charlotte Parent
Family Forum
HV Parent
Kids VT
Metro Family Magazine
Nashville Parent
Northwest Baby & Child
Parent & Family
Parenting Plus
San Diego Family
Washington Families
Windsor Parent
WNY Family