Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach Insightful Commentary on Today’s Millennial Generation

In February of 2012, Rebecca wrote a blog post for her mom called “Why I Didn’t Rebel.”

That blog post has now been read by more than 1,000,000 people.

And Rebecca is now in negotiations to turn it into a book.

Rebecca’s words speak right to the heart of what millennials are thinking and feeling, and she offers practical, insightful teaching to a variety of groups.

Parenting Groups: Hear firsthand from a millennial what works with parenting teenagers–and why she didn’t turn from God.

College Groups: Rebecca graduated university with a 4.0 GPA, and she knows what it takes to succeed in college without neglecting your relationships or your faith. She can speak to college students about not just surviving school, but thriving while you’re there!

Youth Groups: Rebecca has a lifelong struggle with anxiety, and as a student of Psychology, she knows the tools that can help someone control it. With biblical content and her authentic story, Rebecca can help teens struggling with this most common emotion to calm down, see Jesus, and find peace.

Option 1: Parenting Talk–Why I Didn’t Rebel

Based on her viral blog post and the upcoming book Rebecca’s writing, Rebecca shares seven principles her parents used that helped her stay in love with Jesus–and start adulthood without a rebellious stage.

Obviously there is never a guarantee that a teenager won’t rebel, but Rebecca knows that there are things parents can do that make it far less likely.

Based on her own experience, her academic research into the millennial generation, and interviews with dozens of her contemporaries, Rebecca gleans out the key factors in parenting that help you raise teens who are responsible, independent adults.

Hint: It’s about authenticity, not rules!

This talk works well as a breakout at a conference, or a stand-alone keynote at a parenting day. It’s also a great talk for a one-time event for churches wanting to support the parents of their youth.

Option 2: A Survivor’s Guide to College

College can be overwhelming: papers due, exams coming along, and broken relationships and heartbreak.

In this talk, Rebecca shares her principles of staying organized without ignoring relationships. And she shows how setting priorities and keeping Jesus front and center can help eliminate a lot of the heartache.

Filled with practical advice that students can implement right away, this talk can help campus Christian groups equip their college students to thrive, not just survive!

Watch her video on why students leave the church here: