Readers Write

I’ve received many emails from people who have read How Big Is Your Umbrella, and I thought I should start posting some of them (with their permission, of course). Karen wrote:

When I was reading your book, “How Big Is Your Umbrella”, I kept thinking that I would like to contact you and let you know what a blessing that book is to me. Was I ever happy to see the last sentence showing me how to contact you.

I bought the book at a “Girls Night Out” in May, 2007.
Your book really blessed me a lot. I originally was going to keep it, unmarked, and pass it on to a friend, but the more I read, the more I realized that this was “a keeper”. I ended up underlining and putting stars all over the place. So refreshing to read your viewpoint on struggles and God’s love throughout the struggles. I think God really gave you insight. Insight that is so needed in the church today. Thank you.

I was in an abusive marriage for 7 years, and once the babies came along, it was tough for them too. We eventually “got out”, but still had a lot of issues surrounding the visitations, limited as they were, and so on. ..
When I went to “Girls Night Out”, and I saw all the books on sale, I told myself I was not going to buy another “self-help” kind of book. I didn’t take much money as I didn’t know they were selling books. Once there I was torn between your book and a book on AIDS in Africa, and finally decided to get yours. Am I ever glad I did.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
God bless! Keep writing!

And here’s a blog entry from another Karen–not the same one!–who is going through chemotherapy and cancer treatment.

I wanted to share that the other day I was not my normal cheerful self in fact one might say I was not happy in my situation at all.  But I cracked open the book “How Big is your Umbrella?” (given to me by dear Sandi) and something she said rang so true.  She spoke how we as Christians have been pulled into this idea that we need – nay, deserve happiness.  Mrs. Gregoire explained that God wanted us to have joy in Him – to believe that He is enough in all situations.  He wants us to go past the materialistic “happiness” that the world speaks of and accept something more – true joy.  Those words spoke to my heart and raised my spirits.

Truly God has been with us through this all and He promises joy despite my bald head and upset tummy…lol.