Katie Gregoire: Youth Speaker Popular on YouTube Serious About Jesus

Katie Gregoire is passionate, funny, and engaging.

And she speaks directly to the issues that youth are experiencing!

Katie started her YouTube channel when she was 16, and it has grown by leaps and bounds. She loves using humor to help point people to Jesus without sounding preachy. Instead, she’s just real. And that makes her authentic and relatable.

Well-known for her series “Katie: The Relationship Guru Who Has Never Actually Been in a Relationship Before”, Katie shares nuggets of wisdom to teens eager to feel loved, and points them ultimately to Jesus.

She’s available to speak at youth conferences, summer camps, retreats, or youth events, with her famous slogan:

Don’t Be Stupid or Make Bad Decisions!

What Does Katie Talk About?

Is God Really Enough?

That’s the central message in everything Katie says. The teenage and young adult years are times when everyone is struggling to figure out their identity: Who am I? Am I lovable? Am I good enough?

Katie knows the struggle–she’s young, too!

But she also knows that we can’t find our identity in anything, or anyone, other than Christ. And so she helps young people to see that chasing after something else may look flashy, but it’s false.

And when we realize that God ultimately is enough–we won’t be stupid or make bad decisions!

Katie can give a one-time talk at a conference or youth event, or she can deliver a series of talks on this theme at a retreat.