Girls Night Out

Are you looking for a great women’s outreach, with an inspiration talk that will leave women laughing at the beginning and in tears by the end, with a new focus on how God really is enough for us.

Using seeker-friendly language, Sheila helps women laugh at ourselves, and then transitions into her testimony that through rejection and loss, God taught her that He was enough. Realizing that one fact makes all the difference in allowing us to feel joy and peace in our lives.

A talk, in two parts, that can fit with a 2-hour simple evening event or a dinner or lunch event, it’s a great way to help people get the message of Jesus with a down-to-earth, authentic delivery–while helping us laugh along the way!

Sheila’s wit, humor, personal life experiences and Biblical perspective ministered to our multi-generational crowd of women and left us laughing and weeping at the feet of Jesus. God has gifted her with the ability to relate His Word in a way that’s easy to apply to how we live today. She gets down to the level where women really live.

Laurie Schafer

Director, Michigan Missionary Church Women



The talk ideally is divided into two parts, with a break in the middle to allow women time to socialize, browse any displays you have, or grab some dessert/coffee. However, the talk could be given in all in one, if desired.

If the talk is given in two parts, it’s generally 25 minutes for the first part and 30 minutes for the second. If it’s given all at once, it’s condensed into 40 minutes.

Here’s the flow of the talk:

  • Why we women feel guilty about everything (a humor filled section)
  • Why women are often control freaks
  • A look at another control freak–Pharaoh
  • A question: What is your life based on?
  • Sheila’s testimony, involving rejection as a child and a young adult, and then the death of her son
  • The exhortation to live life with an open hand, and let go
  • Pointing the women towards the bigger picture of eternal life and surrendering to Jesus

What makes me excited about listening to Sheila Wray Gregoire can be best described in the following words: real, vulnerable, passionate, committed, and yes, very funny. The question is not should you book Sheila but when, and now has been the answer for me for quite some time.

Eric Spath

Owner, Fun & Faith; Former Manager of Speaker and Events with World Vision; Coordinator of Girls Night Out in Canada


The talk has been used for dinner events, lunch events, stand alone evening events, and more!

  • Use it at the end of a dinner event
  • Throw a fundraiser, with local vendors, and use Sheila to give the inspirational feature
  • Have a stand-alone women’s event at night, and add music or other elements at your discretion
  • The talk can be customized for a Christmas outreach

Remember–Sheila’s talk works well as an outreach, so be sure to reinforce to your church women to bring their friends!

Just wanted to thank you again for speaking at our GNO. Everyone left so happy and inspired. One lady dropped around the house the other day to pay for our Chick Flick Night Dinner and a Movie and she said when she arrived home she felt so high her husband had to sit up and take notice. He said ” what happened to you” She said “I had the most wonderful evening.” So thank you!


Organizer, Girls Night Out Event, Mississauga, Ontario

Want more information on booking Sheila for a Girls Night Out for your church?

Just Email Sheila’s assistant Tammy. She’d love to help you!